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Eniko McBrien is hoping to make dogs — and their owners — happy, as she opens “Pawsome Pets,” a pet-grooming business on Washington Avenue. McBrien said she became interested in grooming dogs as a child growing up in Romania, but the opportunity wasn’t available there. She started veterinary school but it was too expensive to continue. After immigrating to the United States, she decided to take up the idea again.

“I love dogs... I love the energy; I love just the goodness that comes from them, and I love to make them pretty. Some of them, they come in so scruffy, and then they leave, it’s like it’s not the same dog — their owners don’t recognize them,” said McBrien. “It’s just such a good feeling, so rewarding, to see them finished. I love that feeling, when you see them all done and they look good, and to see them happy. And, then you see, of course, the owner’s happy — that warms my heart. It’s the best thing ever.”

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